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Jia Lina Meets Executive Director, Chief Representative JUN HIRASAWA of MARUBENI in China

Jia Lina, Deputy Mayor of Changchun City, met the delegation led by Executive Director and Chief Representative of MARUBENI CORPORATION in China at Shangri-La Hotel Monday afternoon on June 11, 2018.

Deputy Mayor Jia Lina indicated that as one of the top five Japanese companies, MARUBENI had maintained a sound cooperative relationship with Changchun City. During the meeting, Jia also introduced the delegation the investment environment and expressed her hope for MARUBENI to strengthen cooperation with Changchun in such fields as food processing, top-end old age care, real estate and property management.

It was the first visit of JUN HIRASAWA to Changchun. During the meeting, JUN HIRASAWA introduced the action plan of MARUBENI CORPORATION and expressed his hope for maintaining close cooperative relations with Changchun.

The two sides reached a consensus on strengthening cooperation in old age care, health and energy on the basis of the existing cooperative relations.

Among the officials invited to the meeting also included Qi Guohua, Director General of Changchun Foreign Affairs Office (CCFAO), Gao Shan, Director General of Changchun Municipal Bureau of Commerce, Ding Jia, Communist Youth League of Changchun Municipal Committee, Zhang Dexiang, Deputy Director General of the Administrative Committee of Jingyue Hi-tech Industry Development Zone and Duan Huaxu, Deputy Director General of CCFAO.