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Car Transport Vehicles of FAW Jiefang Delivered for Use

The delivery ceremony of FAW Jiefang Car Transport Vehicles was held at the distribution center of Changan Ford in Chongqing City on June 9, 2018.

With the new standard GB1589-2016 implemented, the market of auto transport has changed gradually. As a leading brand of commercial vehicles in China, FAW Jiefang has taken active measures to keep up with the pace of times and thus undertaken the mission for the development of auto transport industry.

At the ceremony, FAW Jiefang delivered 100 car transport vehicles were delivered to Chongqing Chang’an Minsheng Boyu Transport Company Limited, and 100 to Chongqing Dajiang Industry Group Yanxing Logistics Company Limited respectively. So far, Chongqing Chang’an Minsheng Boyu Logistics Company Limited has purchased some 1000 car transport vehicles from FAW Jiefang.

The activity was said to have not only demonstrated the model role of Jiefang Car Transport Vehicles but also proved the exquisite quality of Jiefang Trucks from the sales and recognition of customers.