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Conference on China-Australia International Cooperation and Exchanges Held in Changchun City

The “Belt and Road” International Cooperation, New Silk Road for Private Enterprises of Changchun to Go out for Development, and Conference for Promotion of China-Australia Cooperation and Exchanges were held by Changchun Municipal Bureau of Industry and Commerce. Among the guests invited to the conference included Li Qingchen, Deputy Director General of the CPC Jilin Provincial Department of United Front Work and Party Committee Secretary of the CPC Jilin Provincial Department of Industry and Commerce, Liu Desheng, Member of the CPC Changchun Municipal Committee and Director General of the CPC Changchun Municipal Department of United Front Work, Zhang Baoqi, Vice President of Changchun Municipal People’s Political Consultative Conference, and Li Jibao, Chairman of Changchun Municipal Federation of Industry and Commerce and President of the General Chamber of Commerce of Changchun City.

The delegation consisting of 20 members from Australia visited Changchun for inspection and investment and also attended the conference which was organized as one of the important activities for Changchun Municipal Federation of Industry and Commerce to get involved in the Belt and Road Initiative, promote the private enterprises of Changchun City to go out for cooperation, create new engines to help local private enterprises to go out for development by making use of a quality business platform at international level, and promote the international cooperation and exchanges between Changchun and Melbourne of Australia. There is a broad space for cooperation between Changchun and the business world of Australia. Many cooperation opportunities and great potential for cooperation can be explored. The conference was said to have created favorable conditions for the two cities to carry out business cooperation, strengthen exchanges, bring into play each other’s advantages and achieve win-win results, thereby opening a prelude for cooperation among the enterprises of the two sides.

During the conference, Ren Honglei, Deputy Director General of Changchun Municipal Bureau of Commerce, joined the promotion that had strengthened the understanding of Australian entrepreneurs about the resource advantage, investment environment and industrial policy of Changchun City.