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Donation Concludes with Success, RMB80,000 Raised for Hougang Village

In June, the weather in Changchun is nice and cozy, and Mt. Lianhua scenic area is picturesque in particular. On June 10, the 14th Charity and Health Hiking sponsored by Changchun Foreign Affairs Office (CCFAO) and Shangri-La Hotel concluded with a success. Some 400 people from home and abroad participated in the event. After hiking seven kilometers, the sponsors organized a charitable auction for Hougang, a village on the list of poverty relief support by CCFAO during which RMB80,000 was raised in total. The threshold of charity is not high and the charitable activity turned out to be as effective as expected. The village Hougang is right under the poverty relief support by CCFAO. There are 52 families including 148 people that have been put on record. By the end of 2017, 49 low-income families covering 138 people had been helped out of poverty. Three families and 10 people are now still in the state of poverty and six houses under dangerous conditions need to be reconstructed. All the money collected from the donation will be used to reconstruct the houses of the six low-income families.

June 10 marks the World Health Day on which to organize a charitable auction is not just related to health. The original intention is to have public welfare, charity and health combined in an organic way. To hike is to demonstrate health to the world and to have charity highlighted in the hiking is to make more people in need live a healthy and good life. The efforts of the masses can make big changes, and all caring hearts can become a sea of love. All participants showed their love and care for improving the living conditions of the villagers of Hougang.

During charitable hiking, auction and luncheon attended by some 400 people, more than 20 pieces of lots were auctioned, more than RMB80,000 was raised and medical care cards and skin care cards worth RMB46,000 were donated. These figures represent the practical achievement made by CCFAO in targeted poverty relief campaign. For the next step, CCFAO will explore more resources and have poverty relief activities implemented in an elaborate way.