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Changchun New Area, Changfa Group Sign Strategic Cooperation Agreement, Construction of Northeast Asian Big Data Industry Center Accelerated

According to the news released by Changchun New Area, Changchun New Area and Changfa Group signed a strategic cooperation agreement on pushing forward the construction of a smart new area and the development of digital economy on June 6, 2018.

Through Huaxia Smart City Sci-Tech Company Limited that was invested by Changfa Group and integrates financing, construction and operation for the project of Digital Changchun, Changfa Group is expected to provide an all-round professional service package covering design, investment, construction and operation for the Big Data Industry Park of Northeast Asia. The effort is meant to create a top-end cloud computing data center, construct a basic support platform on the basis of Northeast Asian Big Data Dealing Center, Northeast Asian Data Assets Evaluation Center, National Big Data Innovative and Entrepreneurial Base and Northeast Asian Digital Economy, focus on the core big data of such five industrial directions as automotive, biomedicine, geographical space, e-commerce and agriculture, develop seven industries including new-generation IT and intelligent connected vehicle, take the powerful support policies for industrial specialists and industrial equity investment fund as two handholds for investment and talent attraction, usher in a batch of flagship enterprises, cultivate a batch of unicorn enterprises, incubate a batch of gazelle companies and thus create a complete big data industry chain.