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Foreign Funds Actually Utilized by Changchun Auto Zone on Top 10 List

The result of the assessment on national economic and technological industry development zones conducted by the Ministry of Commerce in 2017 was unveiled lately. Changchun Auto Industry Development Zone appeared on the list for the top ten with a noticeable achievement in utilizing foreign funds.

For the assessment on five categories and 53 items covering industrial foundation, scientific innovation, regional facilitation, ecological protection and executive performance, Changchun Auto Industry Development Zone has 18 indicators that rank higher than the average level of 219 national development zones. The amount USD859.19 million actually utilized by Changchun Auto Industry Development Zone ranks the 10th nationwide.

In recent years, Changchun Auto Industry Development Zone has taken creating a world-class auto industry cluster as a goal, with efforts put into making use of the features and advantages of the development zone, following closely the investment attraction policies and ushering in a batch of key projects of some flagship enterprises including FAW-VW Q Plant, FAW-TOKICO Shock Absorber Co., Ltd., Shanghai GKN HUAYU Driveline Systems Co., Ltd. (SDS) and Changchun Lear FAWSN for the development of such strategic, emerging industries as automotive equipment manufacturing, new energy vehicle, new material and special equipment.

In the meantime, Changchun Auto Industry Development Zone has investment attraction closely prioritized for its industrial chain, and taken the establishment, the reinforcement, the extension and the supplementation of automotive industrial chains as the main thread to promote such forms for investment attraction based on special subject, cluster, plate, station, consultant, agent, coordination and inventors to make sure that investment attraction is more target-oriented and effective. To bring into paly its advantages, Changchun Auto Industry Development Zone has also facilitated competent enterprises to get listed for high-level financing. In addition, close attentions have been paid to domestic top 500 enterprises, leading enterprises and concrete measures been taken to usher in such key projects as from TI, Webasto and MAGNA to provide sustainable power for the development of the zone.