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Changchun to Speed up Construction of Five Systems for Creating Role Model City for Made in China 2025

To create a world-class auto and auto parts base mainly characterized by energy saving, new energy, and connected automated vehicles; to integrate for the establishment of a special support funds for a demonstration zone at national level for Made in China 2025……This year, Changchun City is said to give priority to the construction of five systems for advanced manufacturing, regional coordinative innovation, talent cultivation, policy guarantee, reform and opening up for the creation of a role model city for Made in China 2025.

For promoting the construction of an advanced manufacturing system, Changchun City will create a world-class auto and auto parts base mainly characterized by energy saving, new energy, and connected automated vehicles, a world-class agricultural processing base mainly for the deep processing of corn, and a world-class railway vehicle base for EMU trains and rail transit vehicles.

For speeding up the construction of a regional coordinative innovation system, Changchun City will attach importance to restructuring FAW Technology Center into a research and development system consisting of one department and four institutes and a global research and development layout in “three countries and five places, supporting Changchun Railway Vehicles to strengthen the construction of a national system integration engineering research center and a national enterprise technology center, and facilitating the construction of Changchun COFCO’s corn deep processing engineering research center. In the meantime, a coordinative innovation platform will be established and support will be given to flagship enterprises as the core to participate in and initiate the construction of innovative centers for batteries, connected automated vehicles, railway vehicles and corn deep processing.

For facilitating the construction of a talent cultivation system, Changchun City will usher in some 500 returned overseas specialists within five years, and provide financial and equity investment support; recruit some 2,000 professionals urgently needed by enterprises within five years and create a batch of continuing education bases for manufacturing technicians; and give priority to the construction of six platforms for industry-education integration, entrepreneurship and innovation.

For speeding up the construction of a policy guarantee system, Changchun City will reinforce the capital chain, set up in an integrated way the special funds for national demonstration zones for Made in China 2025, and create investment and financing platforms for the pillar industries of Changchun City. In the meantime, efforts will be put into reinforcing the talent chain and optimizing the service chain.

For the speeding up the construction of a system for the promotion of reform and opening up, Changchun City will take active measures to get involved in the economic and technological cooperation with the countries and regions included in the Belt and Road Initiative, play an active role in the construction of China-Mongolia-Russia Economic Corridor and support flagship, brand enterprises to go out for development; attach importance to the construction of opening up platforms and international transportation channels including Changchun-Manzhouli-Europe Line; take active measures to push forward the construction of a batch of international cooperation parks including China-ROK Industry Investment and Trade Cooperation Demonstration Zone, China-Germany Industry Park, China-Thailand Industry Park, China-Russia Sci-Tech Park and China-Cuba Biotech Industry Park, and meanwhile encourage enterprises to take part in internationalization investment.