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Representative Office in Germany Facilitates Private Enterprises of Changchun to Go out for Development, Demonstrate Changchun Manufacturing on International Stage

Changchun, a name representing an old industrial base of Northeast China, appeared for the time at an internationally top-notch environmental protection exposition held inside International Exhibition Center in Munich, Germany, on May 14, 2018. It is the first time that such large-scale special internationally leading technology equipment with proprietary intellectual property rights of Changchun City have made a debut on European Continent. It is also the first time that a private enterprise of Changchun City has demonstrated its competitiveness and patent achievements with real products at a top gala abroad for environmental protection sectors around the world. All these cannot be made possible without the effort made in the past year by the representative office of CCFAO in Germany.

The 5-day IFAT was opened in Munich, Germany, on May 14, 2018. It attracted 3,200 enterprises and 120,000 visitors. The event is held once in every two years. This year marks its 20th edition. The reservation of exhibition booths will have to be booked at least two years in advance. Many internationally renowned enterprises have viewed it as the most important arena for environmental protection technologies.

From 1995, Jilin Province North Europe Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. started independent research and managed to have made a list of domestically and internationally top-notch products with proprietary intellectual property rights. In 2017, QG-777 was developed, the first of its kind in the world, representing the company and even the country’s highest level of environmental protection equipment. Insiders say there is a huge demand for such equipment around the world.

Jilin Province North Europe Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. managed to have developed such product but has been experiencing a hard time popularizing its product on a suitable professional platform. After knowing the demand and having thorough studies, CCFAO instructed the representative office in Germany, a country famous for internationally top-notch exhibitions and conventions, to help explore the possibility. With suggestions and opinions collected from different sides, the representative office selected IFAT as the platform. However, there was only less than a year left before the event was organized, making application of exhibition booths extremely difficult. The representative office made full use of its resources accumulated over the past years with governments, exhibition companies and relevant institutions, and succeeded due to unremitting contact efforts in reserving exhibition booths two months before the event was opened. In addition, the office provided a whole-process service package from registration, booth reservation, exhibition layout, transport of large-scale equipment, customs clearance, local transportation in Germany to sending documents, selecting professional translators and arranging accommodation, which, in turn, made all preparatory work completed at the earliest possible time.

On the first day of this year’s IFAT, the exhibition booths of Jilin Province North Europe Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. attracted many professional environmental protection equipment purchasers and personnel who all expressed high recognition and great interest in QG-777, saying, “QG-777, a role model for modern heavy industry, is the most typical product worth researching this year.” Though Wang Haiwei, President of Jilin Province North Europe Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd., was busy discussing business opportunities, he stopped to ask Zhang Weimin, Director of the Representative Office in Germany, to express his sincere thanks to CCFAO and the representative office for the sense of responsibility and the hard work for his company.

Over the past years, CCFAO has long been engaged in helping local enterprises to go out for development, encouraging them to participate in global competitions and seek opportunities for cooperation with foreign counterparts. The exhibition of QG-777 has demonstrated the competiveness of enterprises of Changchun City, and thus left a deep impression upon the visitors to the top-notch exposition of European Continent.