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Future Construction of Changchun to Conform More to International City Standard

The positioning of city development is a strategic planning and definition about the future development direction, development level, influential space and competition relationship of a city. In line with the deployment by the CPC Changchun Municipal Committee on the construction of a central city in the region of Northeast Asia, Changchun Foreign Affairs Office (CCFAO) has started from foreign affairs and meanwhile taken the creation of an international city as the main content, benchmarking with international cities and connecting to international standards for the research on an international standard index package for the construction of Changchun as a central city in the region of Northeast Asia. On May 10, the People’s Government of Changchun City organized a press conference on which the International Standard Index Package for the Construction of Changchun as a Central City in the Region of Northeast Asia was unveiled.

During the research on the creation of such index package, inspection visits were paid to such international cities as Shanghai, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Ningbo and Ji’nan, and meanwhile comparisons were made when visiting and carrying out exchange activities with friendship cities in Northeast Asia including Sendai, Ulsan, Wolfsburg and Minsk. Ten international index systems including City Internationalization Index System of the United Nations, International City Evaluation System of Wealth Magazine of the World Bank, International City Competitiveness Index System of the World Economic Forum, Global City Index of United Nations, Global City Comprehensive Strength Ranking, Habitat Environment Award of the United Nations and Health City System of WHO were taken as reference. In terms of institutional cooperation, the Research Institute of Jilin University and Development Research Institute of China became major partners. The construction of the package was optimized through collecting opinions from experts at home and abroad, and organizing seminars and expertise argumentation conferences, deliberated by the leadership at city level and then ratified at the Conference 2018 for Foreign Affairs Leaders of the CPC Changchun Municipal Committee.

Insiders say the main features for the construction of an international index system for a central city in the region of Northeast Asia include conforming to international city standard, highlighting the setting of functional indexes and innovative setting of index of obtaining.

The index package put forward by Changchun City is made on the basis of internationally utilized standards and the real situations of the socioeconomic development of Changchun City. For selecting and deciding indexes, typical indexes for the selection of international cities are taken into consideration. These indexes also enjoy particular foundation and space for improvement, making Changchun basically measure up the standard for being certified as an international city once realizing all these indexes. The logic is to make such index package suitable first for a central city in the region of Northeast Asia and then for an international city.

In the meantime, for the setting of index package, the function features of a central city in the region of Northeast Asia are taken as key points for consideration, that is, what services and supports of such central city can be provide for the region. All experts have studied the advanced fields and proprietary functions of Changchun as a central city in the region of Northeast Asia, and refined such advanced fields and city functions into concrete indexes through which these advanced fields and city functions can be improved and reinforced for highlighting advantages and strengthening self-confidence, and on the other hand through the construction of a central city the sense of serving the region of Northeast Asia can be raised, the influence of the region be expanded and function of service, driving and interdependence be highlighted.

For the setting of indexes, the sense of gain is taken as a spotlight for the formulation of prospective visions and achievements of the construction of a central city in the region of Northeast Asia to mobilize the whole society and stir the passions of the public to participate in the construction.