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Changchun Delegation Attends International Youth Conference Held in Germany

The delegation consisting of five members selected from Jilin University, Jilin College of Arts, Middle School Affiliated to Northeast Normal University, No.11 High School and Changchun No.2 Experimental Middle School by Changchun Foreign Affairs Office (CCFAO) through examinations and assessments to attend the International Youth Conference was founded by Changchun Foreign Affairs on May 1, 2018. This is the first time for Changchun to send young delegates to attend such international conference. Not only will all members specially invited as participants to Germany represent the outstanding attainments of the young people of Changchun City, they will also demonstrate the new image of youth in the new era to their foreign counterparts.

The 6-day conference was held Berlin, Capital City of Germany and Wolfsburg, Friendship City of Changchun during which all members were said to have shown their unique demeanors and talents, shared each other’s customs, established friendship and deepened mutual understanding. The organizing committee organized various kinds of interesting activities through which all participants worked together, shared and discussed with each other to cultivate and establish close relations.

The delegation of Changchun City was led by Wu Wei, Deputy Secretary of Changchun Municipal Youth League, who also delivered an opening speech representing all members of Changchun City. The mayor of Wolfsburg accompanied and discussed with the delegation of Changchun City the possibility of further strengthening youth exchanges between the two cities. The two sides agreed to make joint efforts to lay a solid foundation for developing friendly relations sustainably and steadily.