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Notice on Theme, Slogan Collection for Changchun 2018 International Marathon

As part of the marathon series “Run in China”, Changchun 2018 International Marathon is scheduled to be held in Changchun City on May 27, 2018. The event is sponsored by the Chinese Athletic Association and the People’s Government of Changchun City, and organized by Changchun Municipal Bureau of Sports. To better demonstrate the spirit of marathons, showcase Changchun’s natural sceneries and achievements in socioeconomic development, improve the recognition of the city and thus attract more people from all walks of life to participate in the event, the Organizing Committee of Changchun 2018 International Marathon has now started collecting themes and slogans from the public.

The first edition of the event was held successfully in 2017 which was said to have led to the creation of a sound social atmosphere, the demonstration of a good image, the promotion of all socioeconomic undertakings, and the surge of number of participants in public fitness exercises. It was highly praised by the society with good social and economic benefits, thereby awarded Featured Event with the Most Beautiful Track by Chinese Athletic Association.

Changchun, reputed as City of Spring in North China, is an important industrial base, which is now making an all-out effort to push forward the construction of a central city in the region of Northeast Asia. It is also an important hub for the northern passage of the Belt and Road Initiative. In the meantime, Changchun is one of the top four garden cities in China. It is just due to the history of going through the dynasties of Liao, Jin and Qing, the Republic of China and the Puppet Manchu State that Changchun has accumulated rich historical deposits. After the new China was founded, Changchun became the cradle of automobile industry, and has so far been awarded the Most Happiest City for many times. For this edition, Changchun will strive to provide a gala of sport featured by extensive participation and professionalization of event services for more marathon fans.

I. Collection Content

Themes and publicity slogans of Changchun 2018 International Marathon

II. Requirements on Themes and Slogans

1. The themes and slogans submitted shall highlight the theme of marathon series Run in China—Carry out Reform to the End, and fully demonstrate the city spirit of being tolerant, inclusive and constantly striving for development.

2. The geographical features, characteristics, resource advantages and essence of humanities of the city shall be accurately reflected and also be in deep fusion with the features and spirit of international marathons.

3. Each and every theme shall be within eight Chinese words (including eight words), and the slogan within 16 words (including 16 words).

4. The mainstream values of the society shall be followed and meanwhile vulgar homonym and ambiguity be avoided.

III. Collection Period

The collection will be closed on April 17, 2018. (The time when email is sent and postmark is inked shall prevail)

IV. Ways of Participation

For participation, please email or mail your submissions to the organizing committee at No.88, East Chaoyang Road, Changchun 2018 International Marathon (names and contact information shall be included.)

V. Evaluation

A committee consisting of experts will be established to select on the basis of comparing and evaluating with care the themes and slogans submitted for the collection. The result will be unveiled through media.

VI. Notes

1. All submissions shall be original and never be publicly published in any form.

2. All submissions shall not infringe others’ intellectual property rights. The participants shall bear the consequences of any copyright disputes.

3. Once submitted, the copyrights and right to use all submissions belong to the Organizing Committee of Changchun 2018 International Marathon.

4. No fees are charged but all expenses to rise in the course of participation shall be handled by the participants.

5. The right of final interpretation belongs to the Organizing Committee of Changchun 2018 International Marathon. All participants shall be deemed to have agreed to follow the sponsors’ regulations and requirements.


The Organizing Committee of Changchun 2018 International Marathon

April 11, 2018