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E-sports Industry Park of Jilin Province Settled in Changchun City

The E-sports Industry Park of Jilin Province was officially settled at Liwang Plaza for Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Chaoyang District on April 11, 2018. The establishment is said to help promote the development of “Internet Plus” of Chaoyang District and even Changchun City.

Also on the settlement day, the CHINA TOP E-sports Completion introduced by the industry park was opened. As the first internationalized e-sports event at national level, the competition attracted the participation of 80 players of 16 teams from different places of Jilin Province. The organizing committee says more players from such countries and regions as Japan, ROK, America, Australia, Canada and Russia will be invited to the competition and in meantime time foreign funds and talents will be introduced to the industry park.

E-sports is known as an emerging world language which is very popular among the young people around the world. It grows at the speed of 30% to 50% every year, making it the fastest growing industry in recent years. The headquarters of the E-sports Industry Park of Jilin Province covers an area of 4,100 square meters and is constructed in line with the standard for international e-sports events. As a new coordinate for emerging industries, the headquarters of the E-sports Industry Park is known as the first in three aspects. It is the domestically largest e-sports arena which can be used as a new-generation comprehensive venue for large-scale e-sports events. In 2017, it won the Award for Innovation in E-sports Mode. Insiders say the headquarters of E-sports Industry Park of Jilin Province will focus on connecting with e-sports, carrying out entrepreneurship and innovation for college students, sport competitions, development of games, production of e-sports cultural contents, research and development of scientific information and technologies, film and TV culture and multimedia application, and providing professional, systematic and optimized services for the enterprises, young entrepreneurs and e-sports fans who have settled in the park.