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Changchun Delegation Visit Krasnoyarsk

At the invitation of the government of Krasnoyarsk, the delegation of Changchun City arrived in Krasnoyarsk early morning on April 11, 2018.

The delegation of Changchun City had talks with the director general of foreign affairs of Krasnoyarsk. During the meeting, the director extended his welcome to the delegation of Changchun City, adding, “We have long been looking forward to your arrival and participation in the Economic Forum held in Krasnoyarsk. It is pleasant to have you here to review the remarkable achievements the two sides have made since we established friendship city relationship. I hope the two sides can strengthen cooperation in various fields and put constant efforts into exploring the potential for cooperation in the field of economy. All departments involved shall play positive roles in moving our partnership up to a new stage.”

The delegation of Changchun City expressed sincere thanks to the government of Krasnoyarsk for the hospitality and extraordinary arrangement they had received after arrival. The two sides exchanged ideas on strengthening agricultural processing, project promotion, and incentives for people-to-people and cultural cooperation.

During their stay there, the delegation will attend the Economic Forum in Krasnoyarsk, and discuss with their counterparts at the sub-forum relevant information on which will be reported in real time accordingly.