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Breaking News: New Train Diagram of Changchun Railway Station to be Started at 00:00 on April 10

According to the information released by Changchun Railway Station, the new train diagram including new timetables, new stations, new routes and new train set opeations will be put into use at 00:00 on April 10, 2018.

The changes are as follows:

Two new train sets: Yangji West-Dalian North G8130; Jiaohe West-Changchun C1250

Two new route pairs on weekends: Changchun-Yanji West C1051/C1052、C1053/C1054. The route pairs on weekends will be in service from Friday to Sunday as well as such peak periods as Spring Festival, Summer Holiday, Golden Week and Short-term Holiday. The effort is expected to bring about more convenience for passengers traveling on weekends or during transportation peak periods.

Three new transportation peak routes: Changchun-Yanji West C1055/C1056, Changchun-Jilin C1251/C1252 and C1253/C1254. The EMU trains to serve the new transportation peak routes for Spring Festival, Summer Holiday, Golden Week and Short-term Holiday will effectively relieve the pressure on transportation during peak periods.

The transportation distance of Dalian North-Changchun G8015 will be extended to Jilin City; Changchun Station is changed to be the departure station for Changchun West-Jilin C1203; Jilin Station is changed to be the departure station for Changchun-Jiaohe West C1049; and Wulanhaote Station as the departure station for Baicheng-Changchun C1312.

From April 15, Jilin Station will be the terminal station for Changchun-Yanji West C1249.

The transportation periods of the following temporary train sets will continue to be extended: Hailaer-Beijing K4730/29 to be continued from April 11 to May 2; Jinan West-Hunchun G4117 from April 11 to May 10; Hunchun-Jinan West G4118 from April 12 to May 11; Jilin-Nantong K4986 from April 8 to May 8; and Nantong-Jilin K4985 from April 11 to May 11.

If there was any change, the notice issued by train stations or on the website of 12306 shall prevail.