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Scientific Investment Attraction Accumulates New Driving Forces for Development of Changchun City

Investment attraction is the source of revitalizing the economic development of Changchun City.

In the period of continuous transformation of old and new driving forces, the support from investment attraction projects is indispensible. 

In 2018, Changchun City, under the instruction of the spirit of the 19th National People’s Congress of CPC, will focus on three pillar industries, six industries each at the level of RMB100 billion and modern services, and deeply carry out investment attraction to industries, industrial parks and investors-based investment attraction. The amount of domestic and foreign funds to be introduced is predicted to grow at least 14%, and the amount of utilized funds from outside of Jilin Province to increase 16% and that of directly utilized foreign funds to grow 9%.

This year, more than 60 activities going out for investment attraction will be organized, thereby having key industrial projects promoted accurately to target enterprises for their participation in the construction of a central city in the region of Northeast China for win-win growth with Changchun City.