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The World Sprint Speed Skating Championships Opened in Changchun

The World Sprint Speed Skating Championships was opened at the Speed Skating Rink of Jilin Province on March 3, 2018. The event lasted two days in which two categories were held for male and female’s 500m and 1000m respectively. The total scores of the four competitions decided the all-round champions of male and female skaters.  

Some 60 skaters from 10 plus countries and regions from China, Australia, Japan and Netherlands joined the competitions. It was first international ice sport held after Pyeongchang Olympics and also the first time that China organized such world adult group championships.

The skater from Japan, champion of Pyeongchang Olympics, won the first place with 37 seconds 23 for female 500 meters. The champion of Pyeongchang Olympics from Norway won the first place with 34 seconds 89 for male 500 meters. Chinese athlete Gao Tingyu won the third place for male 500 meters. The champions for female and male 1000 meters went to the skater from the Netherlands and the one from Norway with one minute 14 seconds 62 and 69 seconds 495 respectively.