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Audi A4L Awarded Safe Car for the Year of 2018

FAW-VW’s Audi A4L was awarded “Safe Car for the Year of 2018” by China Automotive Technology and Research Center. 

The advanced safe configuration made A4L stand out of 24 models participating in 2017’s C-NCAP5 Evaluation, winning the award Safe Car for the Year of 2018 as a full reflection of FAW-VWs competitiveness in automotive safety.  

The selection of Safe Car of the Year, the largest and the most influential and authoritative of its kind nationwide, has come into spotlight since it was launched. According to Director Li Dan of Technology Development of FAW-VW, Audi A4L as a model winning such award after Audi A3 in 2014 is just a reflection of FAW-AW’s core brand development concept.