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British Composer Nick Helps Promote Changchun to the World

Nick Smith, a British composer and director, showed the music album British Celebration 2 immediately after the interview with our reporters on February 27, 2018. The album in which the works of just ten British composers were selected covers the music Impression of Changchun City made by Nick. “I cannot remember how many times I have visited Changchun. My love for your city is growing so I will use music to promote your city, said Nick. 

Music Bridges Ties with Changchun

Nick is not a strange name at all to the symphony fans of Changchun City, from the concerts organized every year at Changchun Sculpture Park to the pleasant reunions at many large symphony concerts, Nick has demonstrated his artistic talent to the citizens of Changchun City. In 2014, he was inspired in a casual talk with a friend of Changchun City when the song of the city Meet in Changchun was mentioned so he decided to make a symphony for Changchun as a window for promotion opened to the world. In 2015, the 6-minute symphony was played for the first time at the Concert Hall of Changchun Film Studio, which was heatedly discussed among the audiences of Changchun City. Then, it was replayed at the concert held in Beijing, making a symphony with the symbol of Changchun City up to a stage at national level. In late November last year, the music was collected into the album which had the stories of Changchun City spread to the world.     

Flashback Adopted in Creating the Ode to Changchun

Even without a full understanding about reverse theme variations, one can feel the sense of humor when listening to Impression of Changchun City. Truly, for Nick, the people in Changchun are tolerant, inclusive and full of sense of humor. For such a special city, Nick adopted the method flashback in creating the symphony. “It was inspired by a show staged at Changchun Sculpture Park. The features of sculptures are watching in the near place and in distance one will see different views, and watching from different perspectives one will see different views as well. In the course of studying the history of Changchun City, I found many time points with different meanings. To make these special factors composed together, the music will be become more diversified,” Nick said, “In the Impression of Changchun City, one can hear the factor of film music, horns of cars and even the melodies of Northeast China’s song-dance duet”, adding, “A symphony that can bring about a sympathetic response from audience is the best. I want to make use of the music to attract more foreign nationals to your city.”

Pencil and Paper Used to Record Musical Notes

In the era of internet, Nick insists on using pencil and paper to record musical notes. “A computer gives me insufficient visual sense and I cannot avoid mistakes at the earliest possible time. It will not take that long for me to compose piano music but to add precise instruments will take a lot of time,” said Nick. Actually, it is far more than just to add flute, clarinet, harp and other instruments in addition to the effort made before the composition was started. It was therefore understandable that the director of a band from the UK would have to ask Nick about the significance before the Impression of Changchun City was played. “The band felt the freshness of the music so they put a lot of efforts into expressing exactly what regards and stories the music was made to express so that a strong curiosity about your city Changchun can be generated,” said Nick. It is also the transmission capacity that he planned to realize when the Impression of Changchun City is played.