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Delegation Led by Mayor Liu Changlong Visit Beijing

The delegation led by Mayor Liu Changlong of Changchun City arrived in Beijing on February 28, 2018. On the first day of investment attraction visit to Beijing, six symposiums and a trip one company were organized to discuss project cooperation, handle difficulties and seek for development. In addition to having Changchun publicized on a higher stage, the delegation also demonstrated Changchun’s new style of striving for further development in the new era.

“Changchun has made noticeable achievements though confronted with unfavorable economic downturns in recent years,” Liu Changlong said, “To have economy transformed and upgraded, and old power converted to new one, Changchun needs to usher in more strategic partners, emerging industries and quality projects. An open Changchun the happiest city is looking forward to the participation of people from all walks of life in the course of revitalization and development. In the meantime, Changchun will provide a sound development environment for all investors, with such reforms as ‘one-stop service, one piece of network’ and governmental affair service to be carried out in an effort to make all investors feel comfortable, secure when making their projects profitable, prospective and valuable in Changchun City.”

The delegation had talks with the representatives of Shanghai Ping Yi Capital and China Investors Center. The two famous enterprises were attracted by the geographical and resource advantages of Changchun City and are now in discussion with Nangguan District for cooperation. Shanghai Ping Yi Capital has planned to set up a financial insurance company for forestry in Changchun City, and China Investors Center has already had its branch for entrepreneurship and innovation settled in Nanguan District. Liu Changlong indicated that quality resources from the Entrepreneurship Avenue of Zhongguancun of Beijing would be applied directly in Changchun City so that more talents from home and abroad could be attracted to start their businesses in Changchun, which, in turn, would improve the level of entrepreneurship and innovation and overall competitiveness of modern services, and thus lead to the birth of new forces and growth points for the economy of Changchun City. According to CEO Qiao Zhidong of China Investors Center, project construction will be accelerated, and the platform for entrepreneurship and innovation be established accordingly to have more specialists and hi-tech projects introduced to Changchun City.

More than 90% of the construction for Cathay Complex, a project that has settled in Changchun Xinglong Bonded Area, and integrates business, exercise and entertainment, was said to have been completed. When talking with the senior executives of Xinxing Cathy International Group, Li Changlong spoke highly of the effort in creating such a project that would not only make up for the weakness hindering the development of Changchun City but also help improve the image of the city, adding, “I hope more will be putting into speeding up the construction and thus having the value of the project reflected and its role brought into play completely.”

During the meeting with Vice CEO Wang Jun of Sinobioway Group, Liu Changlong said: “The Yada Health Industry Demonstration Park, which is in the category of the six strategic, emerging industries given priority by the city for development, is a big, good project urgently needed for restructuring and promoting industrial transformation of Changchun City.” According to Wang Jun, the advantage of Sinobioway Group in biomedicine will be brought into play to make the demonstration park such a good project that integrates medical care, pharmaceutical, old age care, tourism and food processing and will contrite to the development of Changchun City. 

Erdao District is now in collaboration with Bei Kuang Investment Group in the reconstruction of the subsidence area in Yingjun Township, which was invested with RMB10 billion as an expectation to create a new growth pole to restore the ecological environment, upgrade the bungalow area, and improve the economic benefit of Yingjun Township. In the course of project development, restoration and treatment of surroundings, the two sides are said to attach equal importance to ecological, economic and social benefits. Liu Yuchuan, President of Bei Kuang Investment Group, indicated that the project would be started as the earliest possible time to change the wasted into treasures, the subsidence area into city proper and thus revitalize the township featuring coordinated development of regional ecology, economy and society. 

Among the officials present at the meetings also included Jia Lina and He Quanxiu.