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Changchun Municipal Bureau of Commerce Organizes Symposium for Key E-commerce Enterprises

Changchun Municipal Bureau of Commerce organized a symposium at the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Base of Lvyuan District for the key e-commerce enterprises of Changchun City.

The representatives of such e-commerce flagship enterprises as Alinewstar.COM, Changchun Huagang Vehicle Market Development Company Limited, Start Widely Media, Jilin Province Entrepreneurial Incubation and Investment Management Company Limited, Jilin Province Hualifang Network Technology Company Limited, and Jilin Province Yunniao E-commerce Service Company Limited introduced the operation status, management mode, development direction and existing problems of their enterprises and put forward their suggestions for governmental service.

The symposium was said to have set up a platform for matching of resources, cooperation and exchanges among e-commerce enterprises and provided a carrier for strengthening the interaction between government and enterprises and promoting the development of e-commerce industry.