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Liu Changlong Meets ROK Guests

Liu Changlong, Mayor of Changchun City, met the delegation of Incheon, ROK, on January 4, 2018. The two sides discussed the possibility of establishing win-win cooperation in such fields as economy, trade, tourism, sport and culture.

As the third largest city in ROK, Incheon is a fortress for ROK to connect with the world. It is located in an important place like Changchun in the region of Northeast Asia.

“ROK is one of the important trading partners of Jilin Province and Changchun City. Changchun and Incheon are highly supplementary to each other in many aspects, thereby enjoying a broad space for cooperation. We hope the two cities can strengthen exchanges and expand cooperation for win-win results,” said Liu Changlong.

“After the trip to the Urban-Rural Planning Pavilion of Changchun City, we have fully recognized the great development potential of your city. We hope the two cities can carry out more cooperation and exchanges in the future,” said the mayor of Incheon.

Among the officials attending the meeting also included Wang Tieming and Jia Lina.