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Changchun Attaches Greater Importance to Ice/Snow Tourism Promotion

The Promotional Conference 2018 for the Ice and Snow Tourism Products of Changchun City, which was sponsored by Changchun Municipal Tourism Administration, was held on January 4, 2018. The tourism resources and festive activities that are scheduled to be held in this winter in Changchun City were introduced by Jingyue Lake Ski Resort, Mt. Miaoxiang Ski Resort, Mt. Lianhua Ski Resort and Jian Peng Ma Cheng respectively at the conference.

In 2018, the number of activities to be organized will hit a record high, including 41 ice and snow-based activities for adventure, competition, culture and entertainment, and 100 plus festive celebrations featuring dynamic fashion, popularity among the public.

In terms of the construction of ice and snow products, Changchun City will continue focusing on snow and further highlighting the atmosphere of snow products and ice/snow experience in the whole city, make an all-out effort to cultivate such brands as Snow World of Jingyue Lake and Ice/Snow Sculpture Exhibition, and focus on the promotion of such tourism product series as ski sport, ice/snow entertainment, hot spring-based health preservation, folk customs experience, and featured culture sightseeing of the city. The ice/snow landscapes composed of such major scenic areas as Changchun Jingyue Lake Ski Resort, Mt. Miaoxiang Ski Resort, Mt. Lianhua Ski Resort, Kaisa Hot Spring, Guo Xin Nan Shan Hot Spring, Northeastern Culture Park, Yu Long Hot Spring, Tian Yi Hot Spring, Jiang Peng Ma Cheng and Nanxi Wetland Park have become the core products to which Changchun has attached great importance for promotion.