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Platinum Industry Adds Splendor to the New Year

The signing ceremony of Changchun Jingyue Lake Vasaloppet Skiing Festival was held on January 4, 2018. As the main venue for the platinum industry of Changchun City, Jingyue Hi-tech Industry Development Zone managed to have 16 projects signed with RMB31.36 billion at the ceremony.

The projects singed this year cover the three pillar industries modern service, culture and hi-tech of Jingyue Hi-tech Industry Development Zone. The proportion of strategic investments and flagship enterprises increased dramatically, which in turn laid a solid foundation for the high-quality development of economy. Among the projects signed include such six featured industrial parks as Sinosoft Company Limited covering scientific innovation, smart logistics, cross-border e-commerce, energy saving and environmental protection which are said to be conducive to further optimizing the industrial topology of Jingyue Hi-tech Industry Development Zone and thus improving the core competitiveness of the region in an all-round way. The introduction of eight high-grade projects including the Industrial Park for Innovation in Laser Industry of Jilin Province will become an effective approach for industrial restructuring in Jingyue Hi-tech Industry Development Zone. In addition, there are three complex projects covering an area of 1.14 million square meters on which the average amount of investment is approximately RMB6 billion.

As an important platform to bring into play the role of economic and trade on the stage of ice and snow gala, the Vasaloppet Skiing Festival has been held successfully for 15 times. Over the past 16 years, the economic and trade talks held during the Vasaloppet Skiing Festival have brought about RMB277.6 billion contractual funds, and attracted the settlement of 240 plus projects in Jingyue Hi-tech Industry Development Zone, thereby becoming such a platinum industry that has served as a strong power to the revitalization and development of Changchun City.