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Changchun’s Top 10 Convention and Exhibition News in 2017 Unveiled

The Top 10 Convention and Exhibition News of Changchun City for the Year of 2017, selected by Xinhua News Agency Jilin Branch, Changchun Daily, and Changchun Council for the Promotion of International Trade (Convention and Exhibition Office), was unveiled lately. The selection was conducted in line with such standards as industrial development direction and new policies for national development, demonstration of the new spotlights of strategic and emerging industries, and outstanding contributions to promoting the improvement of service industry, facilitating the development of culture industry, and speeding up the marketization, internationalization, branding and professionalization of convention and exhibition projects. The list of the top 10 news is not only a reflection of the important conventions and exhibitions but also a top-notch summary of the strength and scores of cities famous for convention and exhibition industry of China.

According to the statistics, 148 conventions and exhibitions above designated size were held in Changchun City in 2017, which brought about RMB6.2 billion direct revenues, and RMB55 billion revenues for other relevant industries. The exhibition area reached 2.8 million square meters. Changchun was awarded “China’s Top 10 Brand Convention and Exhibition Cities for the Year of 2017”, with remarkable achievements made in creating a city famous for conventions and exhibitions and promoting the construction of a central city in the region of Northeast Asia.

I. The 11th China-Northeast Asia Expo: A Testimony of Confidence in the Revitalization of Jilin Province

The 11th China-Northeast Asia Expo was opened at the Changchun International Convention and Exhibition Center on September 1, 2017. The event is not only the fruit of regional cooperation but also the engine for the promotion of regional cooperation. It has become an important window for the opening up of Northeast China to the outside world but also an important platform for joint cooperation among the enterprises in different countries in the region. The foreign trade volume reached USD837 million US dollars. There were 235 projects signed with RMB224.3 billion contractual funds. At the Annual Conference 2017 for the Convention and Exhibition Industry of China, China-Northeast Asia Expo was awarded “China’s Top 10 Brand Conventions and Exhibitions for the Year of 2017”.

II. The 16th Changchun Agriculture Expo: Contractual Funds of Signed Projects Hit Record High

The 10-day China Changchun International Agriculture · Food Expo (Trade Fair) was opened at the Changchun Agri-Expo Park on August 11, 2017. The event is not only an important platform for the demonstration of development level of modern agriculture but also an important knot linking rural areas with cities. More importantly, it is an important channel for famers to reach the market. According to the statistics, the number of people who visited the exposition went up to 1.74 million times. During the time, 21 promotional conferences were organized, 602 economic and trade cooperation projects were signed. The amount of contractual funds hit a record high of RMB43.53 billion.

III. The 14th Changchun Auto Fair: An Engine to Drive the Construction of an International Automotive City

The China (Changchun) International Auto Fair, one of the top five auto fairs in China, witnessed the opening of its 14th edition on July 14, 2017, with new records set in such aspect as size of exhibition, level of exhibits, and number of brands and visitors. It has been recognized as a powerful practice for the planting of auto culture of the city, the improvement of comprehensive strength and core competitiveness of the auto industry of Changchun City. The exhibition area for the 14th edition is 220,000 square meters on which 139 exhibitors exhibited 145 brands and 1,322 cars. During the ten days, 30,000 cars worth more than RMB6 billion were sold. The number of people who visited the venue reached 675,000 times.

IV. The 6th Innovation and Entrepreneurship Expo: A Upsurge for the Congregation of Intellectual Resources

The 6th China Changchun Entrepreneurship and Employment Expo or called Week for Cooperation and Exchanges of Talents was held from November 18 to 24, 2017. During the week, such innovative activities as Exhibition for Open Cooperation of Talents, Talent Development Forum and Trip for Academicians and Experts to Changchun City were organized, which, under the instruction of the spirit of the 19th CPC National Congress of, were said to have fully demonstrated Changchun’s more positive, effective and opened incentives to the outside world, and thus attracted and congregated outstanding talents to give full play their creativity and wisdom in Changchun City.

V. Northeast Asia 2017 Clean Energy Heating Expo: Protect Blue Sky, Promote Clean Energy

The China Northeast Asia 2017 Clean Energy Heating Expo, the first of its kind in line with the theme of Protecting Blue Sky, Clean Energy Heating, Electricity Alternative, and Facilitating Governance and Benefiting People’s Wellbeing”, was opened on October 20, 2017. The event showed the features of innovation, professionalization, policy, instruction and internationalization. The achievements made in the strategy of electricity alternative were fully exhibited by some 400 enterprises attending the exhibition.

VI. The 3rd China (Changchun) International Logistics Exhibition: A Whole-process Exhibition of Logistics Industry

The 3rd China (Changchun) International Logistics Expo or called Smart Logistic Science and Technology Expo was opened on June 23, 2017. The 3-day event was organized in line with the theme “Connectivity in Northeast Asia and Getting Involved in the Road and Belt Initiative”. The exhibition area reached 60,000 square meters covering 11 sections. It was meant to create a top-notch logistic exhibition in North China and exhibit the whole process of logistic industry.

VII. The 5th Changchun World Sculptures Conference: A Gathering of World Sculptures in Changchun

The 5th China Changchun World Sculptures Conference “A Gathering of World Sculptures in Changchun” was opened on September 7, 2017. Among the activities held during the event which highlighted the artistic, academic and international features included the 5th International City Sculpture Summit Forum, Changchun City Sculpture Construction and Development Forum, Annual Conference for City Sculptors of China, the 2nd Forum on China International Dynamic Sculpture Exhibition and 13 thematic artistic exhibitions. These activities disseminated the world’s sculpture culture, promoted the cooperation and exchanges among the artists from home and abroad, and demonstrated the confidence in city culture to the outside world.

VIII. Promotion of Changchun City to the World: An Exhibition of Development Achievements of Changchun City to the World

The Promotion of Changchun City to the World was held in Changchun City on September 18, 2017. The geographical advantages, investment attraction incentives as well as the famous enterprises and brands of Changchun City were promoted at the event in an effort to demonstrate the achievements of Changchun City, improve the recognition of Changchun City around the world and thus create a sound atmosphere for the creation of a central city in the region of Northeast Asia.

IX. Refurbishment of Changchun International Convention and Exhibition Center: Highlight the City’s Business Card

The Changchun International Convention and Exhibition Center, a landmark architecture integrating such functions as convention, exhibition, catering, accommodation, event, leisure and entertainment, served as a venue for some 100 conventions and exhibitions in 2017. The main investor, the Administrative Committee of Changchun Economic and Technological Development Zone, invested RMB150 million on the refurbishment and landscaping of Changchun International Convention and Exhibition Center which was awarded “Landmark Venue 2016-2017 for Conventions and Exhibitions of China” and “China’s Top 10 Brand Convention and Exhibition Centers” in the year of 2017.

X. Eurasia Shopping Center: An All-out Effort Made to Create a Base for Incubating Conventions and Exhibitions

By making use of its own rich services and capacities of attracting customers, the Eurasia Shopping Center has taken active measures to cultivate conventions and exhibitions of such kinds as culture, science and technology in an effort to extend its industrial chain and thus develop the economy of conventions and exhibitions. In 2017 alone, 53 medium and large-sized conventions and exhibitions were held at the center. The exhibition area amounted to 265,000 square meters. The number of people who visited such conventions and exhibitions reached about 10 million times. The amount of revenues brought about by the conventions and exhibitions went up to RMB1.2 billion in total.