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RMB29.958bn Signed in Changchun’s Agricultural Investment Attraction Activities

At the construction venue located on the western side of Zhongke Street of Changchun New Area, the ceilings for the construction of major buildings of the park covering a land area of 60,000 square meters have been completed. This is industrial park for potato-based businesses. With proprietary research and development technologies, the park is said to be able to keep potatoes fresh and free from getting rotten for a year. So far, a list of agreements has been signed with 5,000 potato planters which are predicted to produce 150,000 tons of potatoes.

Since the beginning of this year, Changchun Municipal Commission of Agriculture has given priority to investment attraction for agriculture. With well-designed plans and competitive projects, more have been put into strengthening the power and aftereffect for the development rural economy and meanwhile promoting the transformation and upgrading of agricultural modernization.

On the basis of resource advantages, competitive projects have been prioritized for investment attraction. A project pool for investment attraction by making use of such advantageous industries as high-efficiency planting, deep processing of agricultural products as well as recreation and sightseeing agriculture has been established. So far, 108 projects have been packed, and the settlement of deep processing of 3 million tons of corn by COFCO, and production of potato starch and deep processing of corn-based products by Xixi Agriculture has been made possible.

The advanced regions in China are targeted for investment attraction. The investment attraction teams to such places as Tianjin, Beijing, Zhejiang and Anhui have been arranged. By making use of the opportunities brought about by the new round revitalization of Northeast China, the Conference for the Promotion of Competitive Agricultural Projects and Quality Products has been held. During the conference, 24 projects with RMB9.85 billion of contractual funds were sighed. In addition, during the trip paid by Jilin Provincial Commission of Agriculture to Zhejiang Province, the cooperation and exchange mechanism with Hangzhou Municipal Bureau of Agriculture was established.

On exhibition and conference platforms, investment attraction has been propelled. By making use of such exhibition and conference platforms as national Agricultural Products Fair, Agricultural Industrialization Expo, Green Products Expo and Agricultural Cooperation Negotiation Conference, active efforts have made to organize business talks, project promotion conferences, and investment environment orientations for the promotion of investment attraction. During the 16th Changchun Agriculture Expo, 24 agreements with RMB19.3 billion of contractual funds were signed.

For the next step, Changchun Municipal Commission of Agriculture will reach out to Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta and Yangtze Economic Belt for a new round of investment attraction for winter agriculture through organizing agricultural project signing ceremonies, conferences for the promotion of agricultural projects and quality products of Changchun City.