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Participants of Conference, Exhibition Symposium Shared Expertise for Development of Conference, Exhibition Industry of Changchun City

The Symposium (Changchun) for Famous Experts in Conference and Exhibition, which is sponsored by Changchun Municipal Council for the Promotion of International Trade, Changchun Municipal Office for Conference and Exhibition Industry and the Administrative Committee of Economic and Technological Development Zone, was held on November 10, 2017. During the symposium, the participants shared their ideas and suggestions with the authority in charge of conference and exhibition industry of Changchun City and the representatives of local conference and exhibition enterprises. He Quanxiu, Vice President of Changchun Municipal People’s Political Consultative Conference and Party Work Committee Secretary of Changchun Economic and Technological Development Zone, attended the meeting during which such topics as development orientation, development opportunities and development routes of the conference and exhibition industry of Changchun City were discussed.

It has been agreed by all participants that the conference and exhibition industry of China is now in a period of great development. The number of conferences and exhibitions, the area of exhibition pavilions, the rapid rise of conference and exhibition enterprises and the upgrading of industrial restructures will in turn bring about new opportunities for development.

According to Wang Zhiping, Former Director of China Foreign Trade Center, Changchun needs to work more to optimize hard wares, with efforts to be put into creating conference and exhibition complexes and organizing top-end forums on the basis of the existing brands and thus expanding their recognition and influence.

Other experts including Lan Yuxin, Head of China Conference and Exhibition Magazine, and Meng Dongping Vice President of China Chamber of Imports and Exports of Health Preservation Products of the Ministry of Commerce, also put forward their suggestions on cultivating conference and exhibition brands by relying on the pillar industries of Changchun City.

He Quanxiu said: “Conference and exhibition industry is an eye-catching business card of Changchun City. Changchun has attached importance to its economic nature and more to its cultural feature. For the next step, Changchun Economic and Technological Development Zone will reinforce supports in such aspects as brand, function and service quality to attract and support more brand events to be held in Changchun City.”