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First, Resident-friendly Renewable Resources Recycling Station Launched in Chaoyang District

To standardize and promote the healthy, orderly development of recycling of renewable resources, Chaoyang District, in line with the basic conditions and the principle of government promotion and market operation, adopted a series of measures for unified planning, reasonable arrangement and standard construction and formed a pattern with designated stations in communities as the foundation and distributed handling and processing as the core in an effort to meet the demand of the industry and the request of the public and thus standardize and promote the intensive and industrialized development of recycling of renewable resources.

Strengthen preliminary work for implementation and accelerate the establishment of renewable resources recycling stations.

It is predicted all renewable resources recycling stations will be founded and put into operation in November this year.

Firstly, renewable resources recycling stations shall be founded, and meanwhile box trucks and professionals in charge of recycling shall be available at all designated stations to ensure the tidiness, sanitation, control of noise, dust, sewage and air pollution at all stations in all communities for the purpose of resident friendliness.

Secondly, the government will designate all contractors involved to organize training for their employees. Every day including festivals and holidays from 06:00 to 20:00, box trucks will be parked at designated places for direct collection of renewable resources from local residents.

Thirdly, parking in populated areas, box trucks shall help maintain environmental hygiene, not affect city appearance and traffic, make collection and transportation easier, and ensure punctual collection and transportation as required.

Fourthly, to make sure all renewable resources recycling stations can be founded as fast as expected, all sub-district offices in Chaoyang District shall be responsible for organizing competent law enforcement departments to clean up all illegal stations (points) within the local jurisdiction areas.

Fifthly, all sub-district offices shall be responsible for coordinating for the use of space for box trucks at the residential areas under their jurisdiction. Each and every sub-district office shall ensure the availability of two recycling stations and two or more renewable resources recycling companies.

Sixthly, all sub-district offices shall be responsible for the supervision and management on the recycling of renewable resources, with inspections to be organized regularly. All contractors that break the regulations shall be fined and particular amounts of deposits they paid shall be deducted accordingly. If there is nothing left for such deduction, the contractors involved shall pay the deposits again.

Seventhly, all procedures shall be standardized to secure an orderly recycling of renewable resources so as to lay a good foundation for the construction of an eco-friendly system for recycling of renewable resources.

Eighthly, coordinative efforts shall be guaranteed. A wide range is involved in the construction of recycling renewable resources system, a fundamental project for public services of nonprofit significance. Therefore, an official shall be appointed for this work, and all departments involved shall work and coordinate closely as one to form a joint force.

Publicity shall be promoted deeply and widely to set up an effective standard recycling system.

The recycling of renewable resources is related to all industries and families. Chaoyang District will make great efforts to publicize the significance of recycling renewable resources, organize different forms of publicity and education activities, raise the awareness of renewable resources recycling so that all the public can support and consciously participate in the construction of renewable resources recycling system featuring categorized collection, transportation and treatment and thus fulfill the goal that wastes will not be wasted on the ground and the city will be a better place, and thus standard, orderly development of renewable resources recycling system can be promoted in Chaoyang District.