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Another New Addition to the“Friend Circle”of Changchun-Manzhouli-Europe Train Customers


Changchun-Manzhouli-Europe Train, a new bridge of commerce and trade between Asia and Europe as a part of the “Belt and Road” initiative has become a booster of “door-to-door” economic and trade cooperation between Jilin Province and Europe. In recent days, the “Circle”of Changchun-Manzhouli-Europe Train customers has added a new member again.

On September 27, in the workshop of Jida Evonik High-Performance Polymers (Changchun) Co., Ltd, located at Changchun Economic & Technological Development Zone, a forklift packed one after another case of special engineering new material products. This batch of new materials was scheduled to be loaded on the “Changchun-Manzhouli-Europe Train” on the night of September 29, and estimated to arrive at Duisburg, Germany on October 25.

“This is the first time for us to transport products via ‘Changchun-Manzhouli-Europe Train’ and long-term cooperation relationship is expected to be established.” Head of the relevant department of Jida Evonik High-Performance Polymers (Changchun) Co., Ltd told reporters that they transported goods by sea or air mail in the past, basically sea transportation, mainly exporting goods from Dalian to Germany. It would take one and half a month starting from shipping to receiving. But now, through the “door-to-door” service of the “Changchun-Manzhouli-Europe Train”, the time has been shortened at least ten days to half a month.

“It is the first time that enterprises in Changchun Economic & Technological Development Zone in terms of special new materials transport raw materials and products to Germany via the ‘Changchun-Manzhouli-Europe Train’. It was introduced by heads of relevant departments in Changchun Economic & Technological Development Zone that owing to the approval of first-class railway port, the customs clearance time has been reduced at least three days while its cost is only one twenty-fifth of that of air mail. Besides, Port Slavyanka has already signed a joint-construction agreement with “Changchun-Manzhouli-Europe” to be the overseas transferring base of “Changchun-Huichun-Europe” as well as the exclusive port for Jilin Province. Shipping lines from Port Slavyanka to southern ports will be opened within this year. All these factors will make “Changchun-Manzhouli-Europe” Train full of attraction and its “circle of customers” continues to enlarge.