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Changchun Branch of Bohai Bank and Local Taxation Bureaus Signed Cooperation Agreement


On September 26, Changchun Branch of Bohai Bank signed a cooperation agreement with local taxation bureaus at both the provincial and municipal levels. Besides, they took the cooperation as an opportunity to lower the financing cost of small businesses and to help small businesses to develop in a healthy way based on the tax payment credit rating result of small businesses in the shared area.

This cooperation agreement is of great significance to facilitate the economic and trade cooperation between Changchun and Tianjin as well as the development of small businesses. In the future, our city will explore and implement national policies together with Changchun Branch of Bohai Bank and guide a financial innovation service mechanism with the combination of comprehensive services of industrial and commercial banks. In addition, we will also expand the tax payment credit rating, value added services, help small businesses to solve the problem of financing, facilitate them to develop sustainably and create a social environment of paying taxes according to the law and credibility.

Wang Lu, member of the municipal standing committee and executive vice mayor, Changchun and Tianjin are two counterpart cooperation cities. Since the end of last year, senior leaders of both cities have carried out active visits and practical cooperation with each other. As a bright pearl of the financial industry in Tianjin, establishing the Changchun Branch has been another achievement of cooperation between the two cities. The excellent products and high quality services of Bohai Bank are what Changchun really treasures and needs. The bank will add new vigour to Changchun’s financial industry and bring new ideas and new methods. Besides, it will also be a driving force to improve the financial product system, upgrade the financial management level and facilitate the development of the financial industry.