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The 11st Changchun Summer Festival Achieves Abundant Results


In September 22, in the start ceremony for series activity of " Visit ChangChun see urban change" during the 11th China Changchun Summer Festival results Conference, Qu XIao, the deputy director form organizing committee of China Changchun Summer Festival and the director from city tourism bureau issued the 11th summer fesitivalresults in Changchun, China.

According to the introduction, the 11th Changchun Summer Festival lasted 80 days, on September 8, it welocmes a successful ending, in which a total of 22 series activities were hlod. The city has received domestic and overseas tourists 25.158 million, with tourism revenue reaching 51.18 billion yuan. During summer festival, Changchun has carried out "my favorite Changchun one day trip, two days trip route" selection, " Changchun gift" in Changchun tourism competition, Changchun film contest and other activities. Jointly organized by China's tourism research institute and the China meteorological administration public meteorological service center in "the third China summer tourism industry summit", Changchun again won the "Best Summer Tourist City" title.

The summer festival, is a festival of innovation. The 2017 China Changchun northeast Asia tourism culture week, Changying century city lantern summer carnival, 5A scenic international orientation, lotus bike entertainment event, summer tourism micro film series, etc. are held. These innovative activities make Changchun not only cool in summer, but also more pure and fresh.

This is the fusion of the event. Changchun summer industry high-end conference, Changchun gift, my favorite summer tourist route selection, fully embody the concept of culture as the soul of tourism development; Changchun rural tourism festival, Shuangyang Sika Deer Festival and Longan Culture tourism festival realize the integration of tourism and agriculture.

This is an event in the development of the whole domain. Jingyue District, Lotus District, Shuangyang District, Nongan County, high-tech zone, Erdao District, Lotus District Mount Area , Green parks and wide city area and other major scenic spots, by implementing people friendly measures and holding special events and perfecting the infrastructure and reception service facilities , have provided ideal place for leisure for the majority of citizens and tourists and promoted the development of summer industry.