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FAW Toyota: sales of over 6,000,000 cars Introducing a new security steward plan


Currently, FAW Toyota holds an activity named “ Thanks for your company”in Gunbeishui, Beijing. FAW Toyota has sold more than 6 million cars over past 14 years. Meanwhile, it also releases a new security steward program, continuing to provide high quality services for the owners.

In 2014, FAW Toyota proposed a 3-years-structural reform plan. During this period of time, it completed the the replacement of all main products . At present, FAW Toyota has lunched over 10 models, including small,medium and large cars. Jiang Jun, the General Manager of FAW Toyota said that the the enterprise would develop rapidly in the coming three years. Next year, FAW Toyota would officially imported the model based on the TNGA global architecture. It is expected that the company would have launched at least 15 TNGA models by 2020. At the same time, there would have been 1000 different forms of sales outlets to bring convenience to consumers by 2020.

FAW Toyota also introduced a new security steward plan. The plan considers customers’ needs in order to create a brand new service system of the people, the car and the life and build new cars, provide services and offer second-hand cars keeping pace with the times, aiming to provide all-round care for customers.