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Leading Trade Fair for German Agricultural Machinery AGRITECHNICA 2017

Time: 12-18 November, 2017

Venue: Hanover Exhibition Center

Number of Exhibitors of Previous Edition: 2,907

Number of Visitors of Previous Edition: 451,000

The Trade Fair is held once in every two years.

Exhibition Area (Gross): 400000

Scope of Purchasers

Agricultural authorities

Agri-tech popularization stations

Dealers and agents of technical readiness

Construction service providers

Manufacturers of agricultural byproducts

Processing enterprises of agricultural byproducts

Purchasers of agricultural byproducts

Media, finance, e-commerce, investment and consultation

Scope of Exhibits

Farming Machinery: Tractor, harvester, rice transplanter, micro tillage machine, rotary machine, various types of farming tools, field operating machinery, tillage planting machinery, plant protection machinery, mechanical equipment, greenhouse equipment, irrigation and water-saving equipment.

Agricultural Byproducts Processing Machinery: seed processing equipment, grain and oil processing equipment and cotton processing machinery, food processing machinery, fruit and vegetable deep processing machinery, livestock and poultry slaughtering and processing machinery, storage, transportation and storage equipment.

Livestock Machinery: Green feed machinery, binding machinery, feed processing machinery and equipment, Barn construction and monitoring equipment, milk products processing machinery, etc.; agricultural transport equipment, gardening machinery, garden supplies, lawn maintenance equipment, plant protection supplies.

Farming Machinery Parts: motors, pistons, fittings and fittings, gear boxes, pulleys, chains and sprockets, pumps, valves, brakes, electrical, mechanical, fluid, hydraulic, pneumatic, power transmission / brake systems, equipment and accessories.

Agritechnica is an international professional gala integrating farming machinery and management which is sponsored by the Agriculture Association of Germany, one of the top-notch German associations in the field of agriculture and food. On this platform, business exchanges can be established and deepened with customers and new products in the field can be found. Definitely, the event will provide a rare chance to get more information about farming machinery and equipment of the world.

The event, the largest of its kind worldwide, is held once in every two years. As aninternationally leading, top-notch trade fair for farming machinery and equipment, Agritechnica will provide chances for suppliers, dealers, agents, customers and experts in the field to talk about investment, technical cooperation, and academic discussion. By the time, internationally renowned companies will gather at the event, which, in turn, will provide super opportunities for international cooperation.