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Mayor Liu Changlong Meets Senior Executive of Towngas

Liu Changlong, Mayor of Changchun City, met the delegation led by Chan Wing Kin, Executive Director and Chairman of the Board of Towngas on September 11, 2017. The two sides spoke highly of the achievements made over the past years and had in-depth talks on the cooperation for the next step.

At the meeting, Mayor Liu Changlong extended his welcome to the delegation and introduced the socioeconomic development of Changchun City, adding, “Hong Kong and China Gas Company Limited and Towngas have made great contributions to meeting the supply of gas and promoting the development of clean energy and environmental protection of Changchun City. Your security inspection tour around the scope covered under your business is a clear reflection of your mentality, security, the first and foremost task. For the next five years, Changchun will create five versions of transformations and fulfill six goals and strive to become a central city in the region of Northeast Asia. Your proposals are most welcomed for the promotion of cooperation between the two sides. In the meantime, we hope more technologies, specialists and funds can be introduced here to propel market expansion and rapid development of gas sectors of Changchun City.”

It is another trip after the one three years ago for Chan Wing Kin, a pilot in gas industry, to Changchun City during which Chan has seen the development and changes of Changchun City, and expressed his recognition of Changchun’s industrial, ecological and humanistic advantages, adding, “It’s been ten years since our company entered the market of Northeast China. With a good understanding about the climate and features of market, we have so far obtained a big proportion of market shares. The visit joined by six senior executives is meant for a security inspection tour around the places under the management of our company during which tools, valves, hoses and all corresponding parts with potential risks will be optimized to ensure the safety of the public when using gas. With the deepening of the reform coal changed to gas, the utilization of energy in distributed form will enjoy a great development prospect. Usage amount-based charging is more conducive to environmental protection. Our company has invested more in this regard and Changchun has been selected as a pilot city. I hope more cooperation in such aspects as treatment on sewage, kitchen wastes can be made possible with your city.”

The Hong Kong and China Gas Company Limited has so far had a history of more than 150 years. It is one of the oldest listed companies in the territory. Since 2007, the company has contributed a lot to gas use security of Changchun City. By the end of June this year, 1,380 kilometers of old pipes had been optimized, lowering the risks in old city districts down to 3.77% from 57%. In the meantime, indoor security checks had improved the awareness of gas use of the public. In addition, Towngas had contributed to the fulfillment of the goal sufficient supply of gas in Changchun City.

The Hong Kong and China Gas Company Limited is a major shareholder of Towngas. In 2007, Hong Kong and China Gas Company joined Changgang Gas Company Limited and obtained 48% shares. As the only subsidiary of Changgang, Changchun Gas has 58.57% shares. Changchun Gas Company Limited was founded after recombination in 1998, and then went public in 2000 on Shanghai Stock Exchanges, the first of its kind in the industry. After ten years of development, Changchun Gas Company Limited has established a complete industrial chain and improved its position in the market for which The Hong Kong and China Gas Company Limited and Towngas will continue to provide powerful support.