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Deputy Director General Bo Zhongtang Meets President Liu Huiyun of Sino Cann Entrepreneurs Association

CHANGCHUN, April 19 (Division of American and Oceanian Affairs, CCFAO)—Bo Zhongtang, Deputy Director General of Changchun Foreign Affairs Office (CCFAO), met the delegation led by President Liu Huiyun of Sino Cann Entrepreneurs Association at Jin’an Hotel, who came to discuss the cooperative projects Cross-order Crowd Funding Platform and Changchun International Crowd Funding and Finance Center, on April 18, 2017.

Deputy Director General Bo extended his welcome to the delegation, adding, “Crowd funding is a new thing, and efforts should be put into studying its operating mechanism and relevant policies. In addition, it is necessary to study its feasibility and have a good command of the know-how for the promotion of project cooperation in this regard. Hopefully, our effort will help set up a cooperation platform for your association with relevant enterprises of Changchun City so as to promote the cooperation. I hope more details related to the project can be provided at the earliest possible time so that all institutions and individuals involved can have a full understanding about the prospect of the projects.”

President Liu Huiyun summarized the good cooperative relations with Changchun City, introduced crowd funding, expressed her hope for strengthening cooperation to promote relevant projects and thus expand the influence of Changchun City around the world.

Meng Qian, Executive CEO of Jilin Mt. Changbai Equity Investment Company Limited, and Geng Hailong, Deputy Director of American and Oceanian Affairs of CCFAO, also attended the meeting and joined the discussion of project details.