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CCFAO Links Local Enterprises with Singaporean Counterparts

CHANGCHUN, April 19 (Division of Hong Kong, Macau Affairs, CCFAO)—Recommended by International Enterprise Singapore (IE Singapore), the 3-member delegation of Singapore Technologies Electronics Limited (ST Electronics) visited Changchun City from April 13 to 14, 2017. The delegation came mainly to seek opportunities for cooperation the field of railway transportation. 

Established in 1969, Singapore Technologies Electronics Limited (ST Electronics) is a leading Information Communications Technologies (ICT) System provider in the region. With its satcoms, e-Government and e-Enterprise, and eco-enabling ICT capabilities and expertise, ST Electronics offers wired and wireless communication solutions, rail and traffic management systems, real-time C4I (command, control, communication, computing and intelligence) solutions, modeling and training simulation, intelligent building management systems, homeland security solutions and managed services. 

To promote the cooperation and exchanges of local enterprises with their famous Singaporean counterparts, Changchun Foreign Affairs Office (CCFAO) coordinated and arranged the meeting with Zou Dedong, President of Changchun Railway Transportation Group for the delegation of ST Electronics. During the meeting, the delegation introduced the basic facts of ST Electronics and its projects in China, and expressed their hope for business expansion to the field of railway transportation in Changchun City. President Zou pointed out the difference between the north and the south in railway transportation and relevant spare parts, and had talks with business director Ms. Yang Jie of ST Electronics on such aspects as project management and core technology. The meeting ended with a preliminary consensus reached by the two sides. President Zou invited ST Electronics to compete in the bidding for the forthcoming construction of the Subway Line 2 and the North Lake Line of Changchun City. The delegation thanked CCFAO for arranging the meeting and expressed that active effort would be put into following up the project.