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First Subway Line of Jilin Province to Open on June 30

CHANGCHUN, April 18 (Xinhua News)The first subway train for the subway line 1 of Changchun City is said to be put into operation on June 30, 2017. So far, joint tests have been started and the construction of stations has nearly drawn to the end. Upon operation, thesubway line 1 and the light rail lines 3 and 4 will form a tridimensional light rail + subwaynetwork. 

The subway line 1, the first of its kind in Jilin Province, will be completed in several phases. Thefirst phase is 18.14 kilometers long, covering 15 underground stations. The construction was started in June 2012, and in September 2016 test runs were realized. All systems involved are being tested repeatedly to ensure a high-standard opening as scheduled.

Insiders say most stations have been completed. The theme, memory of the city, is adopted into the design of each and every station which reflects modern features and historical changes. The Government Station takes red and white as its two major colors, decorated with cameos, frescos and calligraphy works, giving a feeling of warmth and gorgeousness.

According to Wang Yifan, Vice General Manager of Changchun Railway Transportation Group, 408 staff members have now been ready in place for formal opening after going through a long-term professional training and emergency drills.

The subway line 1 is 40.1 kilometers long. Following the first phase, the rest will be completed one after another. The subway line 2, the extension of light rail line 3 and the North Lake line are now under construction. The subway line 2 is predicted to be opened next year.