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Subway Line 2 Predicted to Go through Test Run on June 30, 2017

CHANGCHUN, March 17 (Changchun Daily)The subway construction of Changchun City has attracted the attention of local citizens since it was started. According to the information released by Changchun Railway Transportation Group on March 16, the construction of the 145-meter-wide tunnel under Yitong River for the Subway Line 2 ended with a success. All work is now moving forward as rapidly as expected, and test runs are predicted to be stared on June 30, 2018.

The Subway Line 2 is 22.3 kilometers long, west to Xihu Station and east to Oriental Square Station, covering 19 stations along Jingyang Road, Jiefang Road and Jilin Road. From Tabaco Plant Station to Nanguan Station, it is 1.3 kilometers long which covers the construction of the first tunnel under Yitong River for the subway construction of Changchun City.

For the construction of Subway Line 2, according to Gao Xiuyan, Deputy Director of the Department of Construction of Changchun Railway Transportation Group, the main body of thecivil engineering is predicted to be completed on July 31, the tracks be laid on October 31, the equipment be installed on November 30, the hot sliding be tested on December, and test runs be started on June 30, 2018.