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The First Train Made by CRV for SCL Hong Kong Put into Operation

CHANGCHUN, March 17 (Jilin Daily)The first train made by Changchun Railway Vehicles (CRV) for Shatin to Central Link (SCL) of Hong Kong were put into operation on March 12, 2017.Its maximum speed is 130km/h. The section that has gone operational is 11.4 kilometers long.It takes about 16 minutes for the whole trip.

The SCL is one of the important lines designed and constructed by MTR. The SCL section is the fourth project after the West Island Line and the South Island Line obtained by CRRC CRVin Hong Kong.

The on-site technician team of CRV was founded in mid-May of 2016, who started routine checks, training, closing factory and testing open items and technical notification immediately after the first train arrived in Pat Heung Depot. In November 2016, the first train was transportedto Tai Wai. Due to the long distance between Tai Wai and their office, all team members would have to get up before sunrise to work every day, and even often worked around the clock tomake sure that all trains could be delivered for use as scheduled.   

After ten months of hard work, the testing of reliability of all systems involved was completed with a 100% qualification rate to meet MTRs operating standard.