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Changchun Launches “Program Buds”, Free after-class Care Available for Pupils

Changchun, March 16 (Changchun Daily)—To address the so-called 15:30 issue that primary school students are not taken care of after class, Changchun has the Program Buds of Kuancheng District also started in Economic and Technological Industry Development Zone and Erdao District.


The program is characterized by its target pattern in line with which free care, voluntary participation, intensive care at school, social support and safe and orderly activity are made available. For the promotion of such program, it is started first at pilot units, then popularized to other places. The “2+14” approach will be adopted, that is, to have it started first at Erdao District and Economic and Technological Industry Development Zone as well as at 14 schools to lay a foundation for implementation in the whole city.  


For the scope of implementation, the program will be started at the beginning of new term after 2017’s summer holiday at primary schools at district level (including the primary schools of nine-year-long schooling institutions; but not including the rural schools of Shuangyang District and Jiutai District). For specific time arrangement, 90 extra minutes will be provided after school from Monday to Friday (excluding legal festivals and summer/winter holidays). For service content in the initial stage, all schools involved can organize and instruct students to complete assignments, and those that have necessary facilities can organize such featured activities as sport, art, science, reading and social practice to innovate and enrich the content for after-school care.


As for the form of management, effort will be put into exploring a diversified mode, making use of various social resources, mobilizing parents, volunteers and other organizations to support the program. For the use of funds, all money will be raised by the departments of finance at both city and district levels and listed into the financial budget of the year.