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Changchun Selected Cultural Consumption Pilot City

Changchun, March 16 (Changchun Daily)—The delegation of the Ministry of Culture visited Changchun City from March 11 to 13, 2017. During their stay in Changchun for a mid-term inspection of the pilot work related to cultural consumption, the delegation paid fieldwork trips to 10 cultural public institutions including Lintian Startup Park and the Fine Arts Museum of Jilin Province, and also attended a work report conference at the Meeting Hall of Confucius Academy of the Museum of Changchun Confucius Temple on Monday morning of March 13, 2016.


On April 28, 2016, the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Finance jointly issued the Notice on Implementing the Pilot Work on Instructing Urban-Rural Citizens to Expand Cultural Consumption following which Changchun unveiled the Action Plan on Instructing Urban-Rural Citizens to Expand Cultural Consumption (hereinafter referred to as Action Plan). On the basis of other cities and regions’ successful experience in and measures of promoting and expanding cultural expansion, Changchun strengthened top-end design and overall planning, and made a clear schedule and route map for the pilot work. On June 23, Changchun was listed as one of the cultural consumption pilot cities, the first of its kind in Jilin Province. Since the beginning of this year when the Action Plan was officially printed and distributed, Changchun has made a steady progress in pushing forward with the pilot work.


During the conference, the inspection team led by Fan Zhou, Head of Faculty of Economic Management of the Communication University of China and Director of the Expert Committee of the Ministry of Culture, spoke highly of Changchun’s achievements in the pilot work, adding, “The importance attached by Jilin Provincial Department of Culture and the People’s Government of Changchun City can be reflected substantially in such aspects as coordination, support and implementation. We have compared Hebei, Tianjin and Beijing with Northeast China’s three provinces. And we all agree with each other that your city is in a leading position in both funds and projects. Changchun is the best among the current 6 provinces and cities (districts) in cultural consumption promotion especially in choosing enterprises for such work.”


The result of the mid-term inspection turned out to be satisfactory. The inspection team suggested that Changchun should have relevant systems made on a down-to-earth basis and have cultural consumption combined with education, tourism, and cultural trade with foreign countries, thereby opening an even more complete chapter for top-end design. The pilot work can go deeper to districts and counties, and make use of internet to do big things with a small amount of money, and mobilize such social organizations as the Chamber of Culture Industry of Jilin Province to help push forward with the work along with supporting the cultural enterprises that will bring about influence. Changchun should focus on ice/snow industry and find solutions to expanding cultural consumption in long-term winter events, thereby creating Changchun into China’s Davos.