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Single Week Delivery Capacity of Changchun-Manzhouli-Europe Line Exceeds 300 TEU

Changchun, March 15 (Changchun Daily)—The delivery capacity in a single week of Changchun International Land Port Development Company Limited, the main operator of Changchun-Manzhouli-Europe Railway Line, had exceeded 300 TEU on average, ranking the first in Northeast China to Central Europe, according to the information released on March 13, 2017.


Since the beginning of this year, Changchun-Manzhouli-Europe Railway Line has handled 1,098 TEU of freights totaling 6,054 tons and worth 34 million euros. So far, the amount of transported imports and exports has exceeded over 50% of the total recorded in the year of 2016. It is predicted that Changchun-Manzhouli-Europe will rank in the first ten places in China in terms of serving freight trains to Central Europe.  


“Currently, the amount of freights transported by Changchun-Manzhouli-Europe to Russia has increased,” a senior executive from Changchun International Land Port Development Company Limited said, adding, “Two trains to Russia in a week have been made possible at the moment, making Changchun-Manzhouli-Europe the first in Northeast China that is able to handle international freight trains from inland to Central Europe.” This year, Changchun-Manzhouli-Europe Line is said to further optimize customs clearance measures and distribution modes in addition to adding trains so as to realize high-efficiency operations.