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Mt. Changbai Zone to Promote RMB80bn of Investment Projects to Global Partners

Changchun, February 16 (—To fully implement the Opinions of the State Council on Speeding up the Promotion of Stable, Sound Development of Economy in the Course of New-round Revitalization of Northeast China, trigger intrinsic power, promote the development of private economy, expand the platform for cooperation and opening up, follow the province’s eastward-southward strategic planning, grasp policy opportunities, implement the spirit of the CPC Jilin Provincial Committee and the People’s Government of Jilin Province for environment, project and implementation, Mt. Changbai Conservation and Development Zone will release the information on more than RMB80bn of investment attraction projects to global partners on February 16, 2017.

The five categories covering 31 key projects for tourism, culture, ecological resources, health and traffic infrastructure are said to be launched worldwide. With diversified types of operations and great potential for development, the projects are designed and packed by the Administrative Committee of Mt. Changbai Conservation and Development Zone after studying with care the national and provincial policies, industry directories, investment directions and market demands as well as local ice and snow, hot spring, ecology and other resource advantages.

Mt. Changbai is situated in China’s northeastern border area. It is the border mountain between DPRK and China. It is in southeastern part of Jilin Province, with a forest coverage rate of 87.7% and a volume of about 4,400 cubic meters of timbers. Mt. Changbai, the highest peak in the eastern part of Eurasia, is the source of Songhua River, Yalv River and Tumen River in Northeast China. It is one of UN’s first international Level-A nature reserves, one of nature reserves at national level in China, one of China’s first 5-A scenic areas and national holiday spending resorts at national level. It is also one of the top 10 famous mountains in China. In recent years, Mt. Changbai has been listed as one of first regional tourism demonstration zones, national eco-friendly tourism demonstration bases, China international characteristic tourist destinations and the top 20 international influential scenic areas in China.

In 2016, the GDP of Mt. Changbai Conservation and Development Zone amounted to RMB3.28 billion, 4.9 times more than that recoded in the zone’s early founding period, or a yearly increase of 15%. The value added of services was RMB2.42 billion, a year-on-year increase of 8.6%, or accounting for 73.8% of the total GDP. The tourism revenues of Mt. Changbai Conservation and Development Zone reached RMB3.28 billion, up 10.2% year on year, and the number of tourist arrivals was 3.55 million people. The tourism revenue of Mt. Changbai Scenic Area was RMB590 million, an annual increase of 15%. The amount of investments on fixed assets totaled RMB45.75 billion, a yearly increase of 28.8%. 

For the cultivation of eco-friendly economy and green industry, the zone established an four-in-one industrial pattern guided by tourism industry, supported by two wings of culture and characteristic ecology resources and driven by mineral water industry as an engine; built up an industrial development platform covering six parks, one marketplace and one base; and ushered in many famous companies including Guangzhou Hengda, Zhejiang Kasen, Beijing Zhonghong and Dalian Santai. The number of newly registered enterprises engaged in developing culture and characteristic ecology resources exceeded 100 including 40 plus at or above the designated size or investment amount. In addition, the zone established cooperative relations with Alibaba and JD.COM, and created new internet plus modes. The Mt. Changbai Express, the first online tourism service platform in China, was put into use, and the Mt. Changbai Tourism Stock Company, the first of its kind in Northeast China, was listed on Shanghai Stock Exchanges. The Tianfu Street of Mt. Changbai, the first business street in Jilin Province built with scenic spots was opened, representing a deep integration of folk customs, culture, business and tourism experience. Among the establishments founded to create a top-end health and old age care chain inside the zone also included Mt. Changbai Health Preservation Culture Research Institute and Mt. Changbai TCM (International) Institution as well as the Mt. Changbai-Asiana International Old Age Care Project signed with Hyundai Group of ROK.

Insiders say for this investment attraction activity Mt. Changbai Conservation and Development Zone will organize relevant inspection trips for global partners and teams to have face-to-face talks with local enterprises, associations and individuals to seek for new points for cooperation between the two sides.