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2018 Northeast Asian Culture Industry Expo to Open in June 2018-05-21
The 2nd Changchun Auto Trade Fair Opened 2018-05-21
Changchun CPI up 0.9% in April 2018-05-18
Smart Making of Changchun Promoted at 2nd World Intelligence Congress 2018-05-18
Mayor Liu Changlong Inspects Preparation for Opening of Changchun 2018 International Marathon 2018-05-18
Foreign Funds Actually Utilized by Changchun Auto Zone on Top 10 List 2018-05-17
Changchun to Speed up Construction of Five Systems for Creating Role Model City for Made in China 2025 2018-05-17
Representative Office in Germany Facilitates Private Enterprises of Changchun to Go out for Development, Demonstrate Changchun Manufacturing on International Stage 2018-05-16
Assessment Argumentation Conference for Naming Rail Transit Stations of Changchun City Held at CCFAO 2018-05-16