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Interview with the Mayor of Masterton of New Zealand - Lyn Patterson

Changchun Foreign Language Website: Mayor Lyn Patterson, I’m the journalist of Changchun Foreign Language Website. As this year marks the 20th anniversary of establishing the sister cities relation between Changchun and Masterton, what’s your impression about your first trip to this city in this beautiful season of the year? What’s comment on the sister cities relation between Changchun and Masterton?   


Mayor Lyn Patterson: Thank you for inviting me, it is my excellent pleasure to be here and to be interviewed for you. This is my first trip to China and I enjoy it and I saw a lot in the 4 days that I've been here, so I feel really pleased to be here in the sister city of Changchun.



Changchun Foreign Language Website: At present, in the wake of development trend of globalization, international sister cities plays positive and impelling roles in opening up and development cities. Thus, linked by the sister cities relation, is there any experience that can be shared with us in the cooperative fields of economy, culture and new media?



Mayor Lyn Patterson: I think the sister cities relationship within 20 years is strong, so we have to spend a lot of time developing the culture side of that relationship and we have enjoyed the teacher exchange between our teachers coming from New Zealand to stay and work here in Changchun and in China I think for 4 or 5 exchanges of people so far.

So this one aspect is what we want to further develop now, what of the opportunities they may be that we can be work for both out, mutual benefits developing some business partnerships.



Changchun Foreign Language Website: The international sister cities relation is basically built upon the development generality and resources complementarity. Therefore, after your visits to FAW passenger bus company, Changshuang Luye, Changchun Academy of Agricultural Sciences and Changchun No. 30 Middle School, which field do you believe is worthy of focus on further cooperation and promotion.    


Mayor Lyn Patterson: I think all three are. I think it is really exciting to be here in No. 30 Middle School today and I think it is a very special day today for our sister cities relationship, so we now have sister city relationship with our two schools, the No.30 Middle School here in Changchun, and Saint Matthews in Masterton. So this is going to be a very important aspect so far, for we have also visited the Changchun Agriculture in Science Academy and we want to see where this leads. If there’s anything, in the collaboration, we can work from Masterton as well. And we also have some business people here that have the second biggest best company in New Zealand, so that we are very keen and very interested to visit FAW. So we will see whether there’s any further development that can happen from any of those three. But at this time we’re very keen to look and explore with you, with our sister city here in Changchun, to see what else we might be able to do together, to benefit both of us.


Changchun Foreign Language Website: The ties between Changchun and Masterton have started from teacher’s exchange programs till now. Today, the “Masterton Bus” running throughout Changchun city and the “Changchun Road” and “Changchun Pavilion” in Masterton have become the urban icons in both cities. So what do you think of the development prospect of the sister cities relationship in future? 


Mayor Lyn Patterson: I think we can just grow and strengthen, I think it’s really exciting, particularly for the No. 30 Middle School today, it’s about our youth, our younger and our children. We are a small world now, and travel around, we travel to different countries, so I think there’s a strong future in sister city relationships, and building roots particularly when they are young, and we can learn and share our different cultures, and embrace our different cultures. I think moving forward that, there will be lot of other opportunities where we can work together, we’re looking forward to completing the Changchun pavilion in Masterton, in which the towers were generously given to us by Changchun city, so we really appreciate it and are looking forward to completing the building of the pavilion, and we would like, as you have a base here in Masterton, so you would have a nice pavilion in Masterton, and it would be good if our citizens of Masterton and the citizens of Changchun come visit us in the future, so we can say that we have embraced each other’s culture.