Nan’guan District
Nan’guan District is in the southeast of Changchun, with an area of 80.95 square kilometers. It has 9 sub district offices, 1 township, with a population of 475,000. It has been the commercial port of Changchun for 100 years. The south part of the district has been developing quickly. 
It is the entrance and exit of Changchun-Siping and Changchun-Yingkou expressways. The north is a prosperous commercial area. The new Yatai Street runs through its south and north. There is Changchun Precision Optical Machinery, Northeast Designing Institute of Electricity and four other research units. Institutions of higher learning include Jilin University, Northeast Normal University and other 14 colleges. There is a first-rate Changchun Stadium and Changchun Five-Ring Gymnasium. There is an exhibition hall of relics left by the Qing dynasty. The famous place of interest, Jingyuetan and picturesque Xinlicheng Reservoir also located here.
There are many religious activities held in Nan’guan District, such as the Banruo Temple, Wen-miao Temple, Di Zang Temple and Muslim, Christian and Catholic churches.