Er’dao District
Er’dao District is in the east of Changchun. It is to the east of Jiutai City, to the south of Shuangyang District, to the east of Yitong River and to the north of Kuancheng District. There are 6 sub district offices, 3 townships, 2 sub-townships, 96 residential committees and 40 villages. It has an area of 452.02 square kilometers with a population of 386,000 people. It is rich in natural resources. 
The farming area is 13,865 hectares. It is advantageous in plantation. It also has rich sources of gold, metal, coal, rare earth, rock and mineral water. The surroundings are beautiful and infrastructures are complete. There is a sufficient supply of water, electricity and gas. Postal services and communications are convenient. Expressways and railways are developed. The only internal port of the province is in this district. Railway transportation is fast. There are48 lines for special use and many warehouses