Jiutai City
Jiutai, located in the middle part of Jilin province, is 49 km to Changchun in the west, 76 km to Jilin city in the east. Plains account for 44% of the total area, 34% mountainous regions and 22% hillside area. 
The city lies on an area of 3,100 km, 75 from south to north, and 87.15 from east to west. The city has 16 acres farmland, which accounts for 51.6% of the total area. The yearly average rainfall is 583 mm, the yearly average temperature is 6.7C, with the highest to 31.4C, the lowest to 29.9C and a normal 145 frost-free days. 
The city governs 2 townships, 13 sub-townships, 3 street committees, 235,743 households, 831,389 people, among which agriculture households account for 75.37%, nonagricultural household 24.63%.