City Construction
Environmental Protection
In 2010, 96.24% of industrial sewage and 99.58% of industrial solid waste was discharged or treated as satisfactorily as expected. All industrial polluting sources were said to have measured up emission standard. By the end of 2010, the area of smoke and dust control region had amounted to 327.71 square kilometers, and the area of places where noise was controlled within required standard was 236.46 square kilometers. The noise in regional environment was controlled within 55.9 dB; and road transportation noise was controlled within 68.1 dB, meaning that more than 78% of the city’s area was covered under the national standard A for noise control.  
A total of 19,000 square kilometers of places, approximately 91.4% of the city’s territorial area, were developed for the construction of eco-friendly demonstration zones, making the rate of completion of eco-friendly demonstration zones at national level in the city go up to 100%.  
Public Utility 
In 2010, 322.9 kilometers of roads were built or extended, making the city’s total area of roads reach 54.746 million square meters; the total length of roads, 2,572 kilometers; and the per capita road area, 17.65 square meters, respectively.
The comprehensive productivity of the city’s water plants was 1.049 million cubic meters per day. The number of people using running water amounted to 3.082 million people. The amount of supplied artificial gas and natural gas reached 143.27 and 249.098 million cubic meters, respectively; and that of supplied liquefied petroleum gas came up to 79,000 tons. The number of urban families using coal gas, natural gas and liquefied petroleum gas increased to 102. And the area covered under central heating reached 121.663 million square meters. 
By the end of 2010, the green land area had went to 13,147 hectares, the area of green land in parks of the city increased to 4,249 hectares, and 15,190 hectares of places, 38.58% of the city’s total area, were covered under green space.