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Changchun University


Changchun University is a multi-disciplinary university authorized by Jilin Provincial Government. It is located at the junction of Renmin Street and Weixing Road. The campus covers an area of 1.1293 million square meters. The university consists of 17 institutes, offers 40 undergraduate degree courses, and has over 12,000 students, and has 720 qualified teaching staff. At present, Changchun University has established ties with 36 universities from 11countries such as Japan, the US, ROK, Russia, Canada and UK, etc.


The International Culture Exchange Institute of Changchun University is specially focused on Chinese language teaching. The Institute building is multifunctional. It covers 6,300 square meters and includes accommodation, lecture rooms, dining facilities and leisure rooms. There is 15 qualified teaching staff offering Chinese language courses which are specially designed for international students. In addition, other various, flexible training classes and activities are tailor-made for the international students. So far, over 1,000 international students have graduated from the institute over the past years.


Address: No.6543, Weixing Road, International Culture Exchange Institute, Changchun University, Changchun, P.R.C. 130022 

Tel: 0431-85250121, 0431-85250126
      0431-85250236, 0431-85250366
Fax: 0431-85250237