CCFAO'S Departments


TEL:86 43188776720, 88776721, 88776723

•Division of Consular Affairs

TEL:86 43188776725, 88776726, 88776728

•Division of Asian Affairs

TEL:86 43188776731, 88776732, 88776734

•Division of American and Oceania Affairs

TEL:86 43188776735, 88776736

•Division of European, Asian and Central Asian Affairs

TEL:86 43188776737, 88776738

•Division of Culture and News

TEL:86 43188776729, 88776734

•Division of Overseas Chinese Affairs

TEL:86 43188776741, 88776742

•Division of Hong Kong and Macau Affairs

TEL:86 43188776739, 88776740

•Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries

TEL:86 43188776743, 88776745

•General Party Branch

TEL:86 43188776712

•Foreign Language Website

TEL:86 43188776745, 88776746

Civil Associations

•Changchun Municipal People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries

Social Organizations

•Changchun Municipal Association for Overseas Exchanges

•Changchun Municipal Federation of Overseas Chinese Intellectuals

•Changchun UNESCO Association